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Finding cheap auto insurance in San Diego, California can be challenging. Car Insurance California helps make the process easier by comparing various insurance companies and their current products and add-ons, so you can make the best decision. Car Insurance California is simple, unbiased and free. We never stop searching for new ways of giving you the best insurance that can use in the future situation. We take pride in having the best team of agents that are willing to guide you in every way. Learn more about how Car Insurance California can help you save time and money when it comes to auto insurance in San Diego, California.

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What is the Penalty for Driving without Car Insurance in San Diego County

  • A fine
    1st Offense: pay fines between $100-200 plus penalty assessment fees (between $260-520) making your total fine somewhere between $360-720.
    2nd Offense: pay fines between $200-500 plus penalty assessment fees$520-1,300, making your total fee somewhere between $720 and $1,800. In addition, the court may order the impoundment of your vehicle.
  • Jail time
  • Points on your license
  • The suspension of your license, registration and/or plates
  • Having your vehicle impounded
  • Court fees and reinstatement fees

Best Time to Renew Auto Insurance in San Diego California

Auto insurance in San Diego, California is ideally renewable 1-2 months before your auto insurance expires. This will give you enough time to review your insurance coverage or compare it with another auto insurance provider in San Diego, California. Since there are several auto insurance companies in San Diego, California, chances are, there are insurance companies that may offer a better deal than your current auto insurance provider. Let Car Insurance California provide you with the information you need when selecting for the best auto insurance policy in San Diego, California.

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